A program of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships

About the Program

The SURF Program is made up of five different fellowships:

Each fellowship has particular eligibility requirements, and each fellowship has certain obligations that fellows agree to if they receive the award. 

The application deadline for SURF summer 2020 has passed. If you are interested in applying for summer 2021, we encourage you to do the following during 2020 fall semester and early 2021 spring term:

  • attend an info session before applying. See "Resources" Tab for info sessions specifics or the OURS calendar
  • attend a workshop on how to write a research proposal. See OURS calendar for time and place.
  • You are also encouraged to meet with the SURF advisors to discuss your project and application. Starting in January, sign up for Brittany Daws (STEM- Life Sciences), Victoria Cheng (STEM-Math and Physical Sciences ), Emily Remirez (Social Sciences and Humanities), or Brittany Johnson (Humanities) via the advisor information under the "Resources" tab. 

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Meet Our SURF & Rose Hills Fellows

Identifying a Mitokine Factor Involved in Cell-Non-Autonomous UPRmt Signaling

Iris Wu : Molecular & Cell Biology (Neurobiology)

Several age-related neurodegenerative diseases are a result of a decline in protein homeostasis as organisms age. Mitochondria, a vital organelle in the cell, is especially susceptible and thought to be a sensor of proteotoxic stress. Understanding how mitochondria communicate stress and recover homeostasis is therefore fundamental in developing novel treatments for age-onset human diseases. One way that mitochondria communicate stress is through the mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRmt). Important work has shown that stress can be communicated between tissues, such as from neurons to intestinal cells, called the “cell-non-autonomous UPRmt”. However, how stress is communicated is not entirely known. It is postulated that an unknown factor termed mitokine is responsible for... Read More