A program of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships

About the Program

The SURF Program is made up of four different fellowships:

Each fellowship has particular eligibility requirements, and each fellowship has certain obligations that fellows agree to if they receive the award. 

The application deadline for SURF summer 2019 will be February 21, 2019 . The application instructions and forms are available under the apply tabs of this website. To best understand the program and prepare a quality application we encourage you to:

  • attend an info session before applying. See "Resources" Tab for info sessions specifics or the OURS calendar
  • attend a workshop on how to write a research proposal. See OURS calendar for time and place.
  • You are also encouraged to meet with the SURF advisors to discuss your project and application. Starting in January, sign up for Brittany (STEM) or TBD (Social Science / Humanities) via the advisor information under the "Resources" tab. 

The SURF L&S fellowship allows UC Berkeley undergraduates in the College of Letters and Science to spend the summer doing concentrated research in preparation for a... more

Meet Our SURF & Rose Hills Fellows

3D City-scape Reconstruction from Motion

Zisu Dong : Computer Science

Reconstructing dense models of real-world 3D scenes is important for autonomous driving tasks. However, motion estimation for an agile single camera moving through general, unknown scenes has proved to be a challenging problem. The task becomes much more challenging in autonomous driving when real-time performance is required under disturbance of transient change of moving objects (e.g. vehicles, pedestrians) and surrounding environments (e.g. lighting conditions). The goal of this project is to build a pipeline for processing driving videos gathered by on-dash car camera on top of existing Structure from Motion method. This pipeline should generate high-quality reconstruction model of the environment using previously unknown scene along with mapping the trajectory of the 3D camera... Read More