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Application deadline: 2/25/15

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 Start at least the eligibility and obligation parts of it to know you're on track and so we can communicate with you, and then start showing us your drafts!  We can also help you find a professor/lab to work with. Advisors' office hour sign ups here.  

Application Deadline:  February 25, 2015


The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship/L&S program (SURF/L&S) allows UC Berkeley undergraduates in the College of Letters and Science to spend the summer doing concentrated research in preparation for a senior thesis. About forty fellows will be funded in 2015, receiving $4250.  Please start and save the application so we can guide you.

The SURF/Rose Hills fellowship ($6K) allows UC Berkeley students in certain math, science, and engineering majors (L&S, CNR, COE, C. Chem) to immerse themselves in full-time summer research; independent research for juniors or graduating seniors ; or faculty-initiated research for sophomores or juniors. With generous support from The Rose Hills Foundation, 42 students will receive a total of $6,000 each.


The SURF conference will take place on August 20-21, 2015, in Valley Life Science Building.  Take a peek at last year's conference program to get an idea of what the 2015 conference will be like. ... more

Meet Our SURF & Rose Hills Fellows

Statistical inference of recombination-inducing genic features

Neil Thomas : Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry (minor)

Genetic inheritance is the mechanism for natural selection, and understanding it can give us insight into, for example, the heredity of disease immunity, and the genetic differences between males and females. Meiosis is the main process of genetic inheritance, “shuffling” the genes of parents to create the genes of offspring. During the process of meiosis, chromosomal DNA can split and trade nucleotides with each other while recombining. This recombination is a substantial additional source of genetic mutation, and has been shown to occur preferentially in certain “hotspot” locations on DNA. Using statistical techniques to analyze genomic data sets of Drosophila melanogaster (the common fruit fly), we will be working on finding these hotspots and inferring the nucleotide sequences that... Read More