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Information on the Application, Eligibility and Contract Screens for the L&S and Rose Hills Independent and Rose Hills Experience Fellowships are located here

Application with Human Subjects:  2/25/14
w/out Human Subjects: 3/7/14; results announced by 4/15/14

About the Program

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship/L&S program (SURF/L&S) allows UC Berkeley undergraduates in the College of Letters and Science to spend the summer doing concentrated research in preparation for a senior thesis. About forty fellows will be funded in 2014, receiving $4250.  Please fill out the eligibility screen here so we can guide you.

The SURF/Rose Hills fellowship ($6K) allows UC Berkeley students in certain math, science, and engineering majors (L&S, CNR, COE, C. Chem) to immerse themselves in full-time summer research; independent research for juniors or graduating seniors ; or faculty-initiated research for sophomores or juniors. With generous support from The Rose Hills Foundation, 42 students will receive a total of $6,000 each.


The SURF conference will take place on August 25-26, 2014, in Valley Life Science Building.  Stay tuned -- the conference schedule will be posted the week of August 4, 2014.


Additional benefits of both programs

In addition to receiving funding, each summer fellow will be assigned to a research cluster, which will meet weekly throughout the summer. In the cluster you will find a community of undergraduate researchers with... more

Meet Our SURF & Rose Hills Fellows

Host Water Stress Effects on Mealybug Vector Preference and Survivorship

Megan Fu : Integrative Biology

Limited water availability in areas of drought can have implications on disease spread in crops. The goal of my research is to study water stress dynamics in grape plants and mealybugs, one of the major vineyard pests. Mealybug vectors transmit a family of viruses leading to Grapevine Leafroll Disease (GLD), causing uneconomical losses in vine health, grape quality, and yield. It is especially important to understand the effects of water stress on mealybug movement, as it may subsequently affect pathogen spread. I will be examining 1) mealybug settling preference between low stress and variable (low, medium, high) stress grapes, and 2) mealybug survivorship on low, medium, and high stress grapes. My results will inform irrigation management practices in response to disease, and may... Read More