The SURF-SMART Program enables doctoral students to provide mentored research opportunities for undergraduate students at UC Berkeley. This program is designed to broaden the professional development of doctoral students and to foster research skills and paths to advanced studies for undergraduates. SURF-SMART graduate students serve as mentors to one or more undergraduate mentees, who contribute valulable research skills to the graduate mentor's project. 

Graduate mentors who work under the guidance of a faculty adviser will each receive a stipend of $1,000. Each undergraduate mentee will receive a stipend in the amount of $3,500-$5,000. In addition, graduate students receive training in mentoring through a spring seminar, Mentoring in Higher Education (GSPDP 301), offered by the Graduate Division.

Graduate mentors will

  • develop skills in mentoring undergraduates in research;
  • receive research assistance at a crucial time in their progress toward degree completion; and
  • become more competitive in the academic or professional job market.

Undergraduate mentees will

  • develop expertise in discipline-specific research methods;
  • gain exposure to advanced research to assist them in choosing their future career paths; and
  • become more competitive candidates for admission into graduate programs.

Student Funding

Graduate Student Stipend = $1,000
Undergraduate Student Stipend = $3,500-5,000