Sean Burns

Dr. Sean Burns, UC Berkeley

Sean Burns is Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research. Sean earned his PhD at UC Santa Cruz's History of Consciousness Department. His scholarship and teaching focus on U.S. social movement history and the dynamic intersections of community activism, political education, and the remaking of the social imagination.  

Victoria Cheng

Victoria Cheng (they/she) is the Math and Physical Sciences advisor within the SURF program and a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Victoria graduated from Duke University with a BS in Mathematics while also studying environmental science and energy sustainability. You can schedule an appointment with Victoria via this online sign up sheet

Brittany Daws

Brittany Daws serves as the SURF STEM Advisor. She is a PhD candidate in Molecular and Cell Biology and is also a member of the graduate chemical biology program. She graduated from California State University Long Beach with a B.S. in biochemistry and a B.A. in chemistry. During her time at Long Beach Brittany focused on environmental chemistry, investigating the use of advanced oxidative processes (AOPs) to degrade harmful substances found in waste waters, while also teaching several undergraduate general and organic chemistry courses. Now Brittany works in Dr. Evan Miller’s lab at UC Berkeley synthesizing fluorescent probes to study how voltage functions in molecular signaling pathways. You can sign up for office hours with Brittany at this link.

Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson is proud to return to Cal as the SURF Program Coordinator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from our English department and went on to earn her Master of Studies in Victorian literature from the University of Oxford, Christ Church College. She is a Haas Scholars and McNair Scholars alumna. Her past research focused on femininity, idealism, the Gothic, and the Romantic legacy in Victorian poetry and novels. She is especially fond of the Brontë sisters, Tennyson, Keats, PB Shelley, and Hardy. She works to support undergraduate research and academic wellness for all and empower underrepresented students. She is a big fan of dance, live music, travel, and food. Brittany can answer all your SURF program questions. Please email her or request a meeting via



Emily Remirez

Emily (she/her/hers) is thrilled to be part of the SURF team as the Social Science & Humanities advisor and point person for human subjects research. A PhD candidate in Linguistics, she graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas, with a BA in Linguistics in 2015. While at Rice, she cultivated an interest in mixed methods and interdisciplinary approaches to language use, and in the relationships between language, identity, and cognition. At Berkeley, she studies the interactions between "high level" social constructs (like gender or stance), and "low level" processing of phonetic detail through behavioral experiments and computational modeling. Outside of her research, she gets excited about her dog Luna, tabletop & PC games, coffee, sci-fi & horror, and working to make her communities more inclusive & equitable.  Schedule office hours with Emily at