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When Bacteria Get "Good" - Purity, Progress, and the Making of Probiotics

Allison Yates : Interdisciplinary Studies Field: Food and the Body Summer 2013

Probiotics, microorganisms known to benefit their host, appear in curious sites: from the projected $23 billion dollar market involving upper-middle class white women searching for perfect intestinal balance  - to the international struggle to treat infant mortality in the ‘third world’. My research will investigate the manner in which probiotics are discussed in... Read More

The Economic Impact of Immigrants: Housing Prices and Distributional Effects

Moises Yi : Economics Summer 2007

This project will deal with the economic implications of the most recent waves of immigration to the U.S. (1970-2000). Specifically, this study will focus on the impact on housing prices immigrants have by looking at the evolution of real estate prices in the 40 cities with the highest immigration rates in the country. During this summer, I will work on gathering... Read More

Are You Black Enough?: Constructing Black Identity through Film from Melvin Van Peebles to Albert and Allen Hughes

Susan Soojin Yi : English Summer 2007

The representation of any minority group in film or television often results in a heated debate regarding either the film or television show's reinforcement of negative stereotypes or its "white washing" of the group's identity. With my research project, I intend to explore this polarizing argument within the construction of black identity by black filmmakers... Read More

Islamic Feminism: An Alternative Path of Gender Development in Iran?

Parastou Youssefi-Behnam : Development Studies Summer 2003

Are We Understanding College Predispositions in Oakland Youth? A Case Study of College Track

Katherine Zepeda-Arreola : Social Welfare, African American Studies (minor) Summer 2012

The disparity in earnings between students with and without a college degree has been growing for the past twenty-five years, and has become pivotal in determining the future stability of the nation’s youth. Through this research project, I will explore the college predispositions of low-income students of color recently accepted in College Track, an after school... Read More

The Competing Goals of Visual Accuracy and Visual Stability

Kathy Zhang : Psychology Summer 2016

The visual system’s astounding ability to create a stable view of the world around us is critical to our everyday experiences, helping us process what would otherwise be a visually chaotic world. One proposed mechanism for such remarkable perceptual stability is a phenomenon known as serial dependence in visual perception, which is thought to facilitate a systematic... Read More

Botswanan Diamonds, Enclave Production, and the Political Economy of Resource-Led Development

Nan Zhang : Economics, Political Science Summer 2006

A common consensus in the political economy of development literature holds that countries whose production depends overwhelmingly on primary resources &Mac246; oil, diamonds, minerals &Mac246; tend to grow more slowly than their resource scarce neighbors, and also often fall victim to insidious politics and state weakness. In stark contrast to this consensus... Read More

Redefining Worker Identity in the 1920s

Carolyn Zola : History Summer 2014

From 1923 to 1929, a period characterized by economic prosperity in the United States, Mather and Company created and distributed hundreds of motivational workplace posters that were hung in offices and factories across the country. Covering a broad range of topics, the posters sought not only to inform workers on matters related to workplace safety but also to... Read More