Development of a “preferred retinal locus” in response to a simulated central scotoma: visuomotor adaptation or strategy?

Summer 2017

Tiffany Fung : Molecular and Cell Biology

Mentor: Susana Chung

Patients with central vision loss (scotoma) often rely on a location outside the scotoma for seeing, the preferred retinal locus (PRL).  We investigated whether the development of a “PRL” in response to a simulated scotoma in normally sighted individuals is the result of oculomotor adaptation, as is the case in patients with a real scotoma.  We used a gaze-contingent paradigm to occlude the central vision of normally sighted subjects while they performed a visual task.

SURF Rose Hills Foundation has provided me with the support to excel in my vision science research project. Research has driven me to be more curious, to ask more questions, and to think more freely. I realized learning is an active, lifelong process, and that there's always something out there that is waiting to be discovered. With SURF's support in the last two years, I feel more confident as I apply to optometry graduate school this coming cycle. Thank you Rose Hills Foundation!