Defamiliarizing El Lissitzky's Proun Artworks

Summer 2017

Elizabeth Juster : History of Art

Donor: Anselm Fund
Mentor: Andrew Shanken

My research concerns El Lissitzky's Proun artworks produced in the 1920s. Lissitzky was working in a very politically charged time amidst the Russian Revolution, and hoped to use art as the foundation for a new and better society. Purely geometric, evoking three-dimensionality, and in some instances architecture, the Proun artworks represent Lissitzky's attempts to express new ideas, such as the fourth dimension and abstraction, through art. I hope to gain insight into Lissitzky's own theoretical understandings of how space, time, and the viewer interact through the medium of artwork in order to present the Proun artworks in an unfamiliar way. 

I am incredibly grateful to the Anselm Fund for supporting my summer research. My experience in SURF has been invaluable for not only my senior thesis, but also for my self confidence in public speaking. Through SURF, I was able to dive deeper into my research than I thought possible. I am very excited to write my thesis this semester.